Java Burn Reviews

What is Java Burn? Java Burn is the world’s first and only 100% natural and safe patent-pending proprietary formula that contains eight potent ingredients to boost metabolism and speeding up the process of burning off fat by stimulating your metabolism for optimal energy, health, and overall well-being all simultaneously with a nifty technique that takes […]

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Red Cross Response

Red Cross Responds To Flooding, Wildfires — September 16, 2011 The American Red Cross is helping people in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey after widespread flooding over the past several weeks. Hundreds of Red Cross workers are supporting shelters in areas where people can’t return home and helping people clean up their neighborhoods. Dozens […]

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Fill the ERV – The Islands Red Cross Chapter

2011 FILL THE EMERGENCY RESPONSE VEHICLE (ERV) CAMPAIGN Your donation makes a difference… Help Fill Our ERV! $1000 supports an Emergency Response Vehicle to feed and care for people in a local disaster $500 purchases 20 home clean up kits for use after a fire or flood $250 purchases 1000 bottles of water to hydrate first responders and citizens $150 purchases 4 […]

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The American Red Cross is committed to the highest level of financial accountability to donors and to the community. YOUR ISLANDS CHAPTER Complies with all applicable local, state, and federal operating and legal reporting requirements. Conducts annual audit by local, independent accounting firm. Publishes an Annual Community and Financial Report. American Red Cross programs ensure […]

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